An innovation suite for reaching the unreached

In the last two decades, globalization has brought with it a plethora of opportunities .It put many on path to prosperity. However, a pyramid of over served rich and under served poor is yet present and growing. Billions still live in under $2 a day. While the opportunities can be seen by all, they are not always realized due to lack of access- to knowledge, to capital, to health care and even to their unique identification.

Geodesic, with GeoAmida aims to provide enabling technologies to “flatten this pyramid” to
  • Bringing access to banking within everyone’s reach
  • Bringing medical services at the doorstep of even the remotest hamlet
  • Prove social benefits to eligible citizens without leakage
  • And many more such services
We develop innovative technology to help governments and enterprises to deliver QUALITY SERVICE to the RIGHT PERSON, AT THEIR DOORSTEP, PROFITABLY.
Innovative features
  • Full fledged micro-computer
    ARM9 Processor with 128MB RAM
  • Simplicity of Use
    Interactive touch screen & rich GUI
  • Biometric authentication
    ISO 19794 & ANSI 378 compliant
  • Secure, flexible connectivity
    Wireless, Wireline, Ethernet with OpenSSL
  • Local language support
    Unicode support for input, display & print
  • Smart card enabled
    ISO 7816 contact & ISO 14443 contact less
  • Comprehensive SDK
    Alchemy SDK with GUI widget set
  • Efficient power management
    10 hours usage on single charge
  • In-built printer
    Multi-lingual printing
Business Solution
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Ready to Deploy Application Frameworks.

With an aim to reduce the time-to-Market of our solutions, we have developed frameworks for various applications-rural banking, Public Distribution System, Social benefit schemes, Micro-finance and many more. Through our partner network we endeavour to provide end-to-end solutions for our customers.

G:Life Service Network

We want to ensure that our clients & partners get the support that best suits their business needs & help them derive maximum benefits from Geodesic solutions. GeoAmida is backed by a well established manufacturing & support infrastructure.

  • Helpdesk
  • Pan-India presence covering over 100 locations
  • On-field warranty for component failure, repair and replacement of components
  • Remote Terminal Management capabilities
  • Remote trouble-shooting of device OS and firmware
  • Remote deployment of application patches and enhancements
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